Are Quadcopters Drones?

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If you have been considering purchasing a drone, you might have realized that the words drone and quadcopter are used quite frequently together. Well, the truth is that even though the two terms are used interchangeably, they are different in a way. Knowing the difference will help you make the right choice when buying a recreational drone.

Drone is a broad term that refers to any type of unmanned aerial vehicle. Thus, it may be used to describe both controlled and uncontrolled UAVs. Such aircrafts take the form of small helicopters.

A quadcopter, on the other hand, is a multirotor helicopter that is propelled by four rotors. It is a drone; an unmanned aerial vehicle, which is easily controlled from a remote place on the ground, you pilot it, controlling its every move. They are used for different purposes, security, and research, recreation among others making it an essential technological tool that anyone can use either at home or work.

How Quadcopters Work

Quadcopters are controlled by a remote control system and use of a ground cockpit. This way you can control its movement, based on direction, and speed and hence enable you to be its pilot from the ground. They are less noisy attracting less attention, and you can run your mission at ease. You are at liberty to choose the drone of your choice and size.

Main Uses of Drones and Quadcopters

1. Surveillance by law enforcers and military personnel

Quadcopters have provided an easy way of surveillance, this way you can monitor what’s going on from afar without endangering your life. For the military; intelligence missions, search operations, and research has been made so much easier by use of the unmanned aerial vehicles. Leave alone the monitoring work; it’s also fun to take control of the drone and direct it wherever you like it to go.

2. Recreation and sporting activities

Drones can be used as a form of sporting, it’s always fun hanging out with friends, and loved ones, a little competition on who controls better or even speeding completion makes passing the time much more enjoyable. After all, you require a little break from your tight schedules.

3. Learning and Research projects

Learning can be a bit tiring at times; projects are no exception, but when you perform practical exercises, it becomes fun, easy to master and to apply as well. When conducting research projects, it’s easy to assess different areas through quadcopters before even deciding on going for the actual study. It hence can be good for reconnaissance, while others may even gather credible information to use in their projects through surveillance and based on the nature of the project.

4. Photography

Quite an intriguing topic, people have different interests, and one that is loved my many is photography, the mere observation of landscape and other physical sites is satisfactory enough to some people. Others, on the other hand, may use this information to conduct research and to make vital decisions. Through the use of a quadcopter, you can take as many aerial pictures as you can even in the riskiest environments without endangering your life.

5. Journalism

Almost every professional can use a drone. They are easy to operate and control. In the event of floods, wars, or even quarantines, a journalist can acquire information on the situation on the ground and keep everyone up to date. Based on the information, help is then provided to those affected.

6. Drone Delivery

This occurs in the riskiest environments, more so in times of war, quarantines among others. Packages are delivered from one area to another without raising any suspicion and also provide the much-needed help to the affected persons.

There is every need to appreciate and adopt the UAV technology. It may be a little expensive, but it comes with a lot of benefits, the most essential and important one being to preserve life and enhance safety. The quadcopters, for instance, are capable of saving a lot of lives on the battlefield, living the well-trained soldiers alive to protect everyone from other dangers and threats that might be posed. Other than the provision of relevant information and enhancing security they are a good form of sporting and recreation, keeping everyone healthy and energized always.

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