How to Build A Racing Lawn Mower

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Are you a lawn mower enthusiast who is looking to build a racing mower? Maybe you like alternative sports and want to take part in a lawn mower race? If you answered yes to either of these questions then this article will give you some information and advice about building your first racing lawn mower.

Finding Parts

Building a racing mower is kind of like making a small car. The first step in this process is to find enough parts to make your mower. You can do this by taking apart your existing mower, asking friends and neighbours if they have an old mower they no longer need or searching garage sales and scrap yards. You may also like to look on eBay or other auction sites for specific parts. Finding the parts is often the hardest part, once you have everything you need building it is actually quite straight forward.

The main parts you will need are as follows:

  1. An Engine
  2. Transmission ( right angle gearbox)
  3. Centrifugal clutch
  4. sprockets
  5. Front axle and spindles
  6. Rear axle and axle hangers
  7. A steering wheel
  8. Brake system
  9. Chain
  10. Electrical components
  11. Wheels, tires, and hubs
  12. Gas lever
  13. High endurance engine component

Building the Frame

In order for you to be able to sit on your mower and ride it, often at a high speed you will need to create a large, bulky frame. You can do this by adapting the existing frame and welding it together, use other scrap metal to make it sturdier and add a seat. It’s also important to reinforce the frame as racing will take place on dirt roads and your lawn mower has no suspension.

Steering system

The next step is to create a great steering system, remember if you want to be in with a chance of winning you will need to be able to steer accurately even at higher speeds. Create a direct steering system as this will give you an easier time when driving.

Install internal components

racing mowerThe next step is to install the lawn mowers internal components. Start with the RAGB (transmission). The brakes can be added next. There are a number of different brakes available on the market. These will be either mechanical or hydraulic. In the case of racing lawn mowers, hydraulic brakes usually work best. They are also easier to install as you will be able to route the brake lines to wherever you want them.

The mower deck can then be welded to the frame and the battery stored underneath this as well as the electrical system.

The next step is to make a casing or tank, known in the lawn mower racing world as a puke tank to hold the engine. This will stop the lawn mower spilling oil all over the track.

A seat can be added to the mower for comfort and safety. You can use the type of seating common in schools but cut the legs off. Alternatively you could weld a seat from pieces of scrap metal. If you want your seat to be more comfortable, cover it with pieces of foam from an old car seat.

The last step before putting everything back together is to make your mower look great. Paint the frame in a bright, eye catching colour. You can then assemble it, choose wheels that are large and have deep treads, so that you can use it off road.

Racing mowers are used in national events where competitors race against each other. You can research lawn mower racing events on the internet in order to find out where to race once you have successfully built your racing lawn mower.

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