Can Drones Fly at Night?

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Drones have become increasingly popular with enthusiasts. Users who find it amusing to fly these machines will find it even more fascinating to make use of them during night time. There is one particular problem that you have to face when answering can drones fly at night. The question is, can you see the drones to make them fly at night?

The problem with drones is that they respond to the user commands. You can control them via a controller or even apps on a tablet. However, if you cannot see where your drone is, how would you know where and how to fly it? But there are ways around it. For one, the drone has a camera on its own that you can use to manoeuvre it. Additionally, once you’re good with the drone controller, you will find it a lot easy to fly it at night.

Do drones have a problem flying in the dark?

From the perspective of the drones, there are no problems with these highly equipped machines to take a flight when dark. If the pilot can manoeuvre the machine from the distance then, the machine can take as successful flights in the night as it can make in a day. Drones have a highly efficient camera attached to them, which has night vision which makes it even more useful to go in the air at night where it is not identified and can move around anywhere.

Is that a problem?

The night flight definitely makes drones a great device to use, but it can create more problems. People who are not comfortable with these flying objects might find it objectionable. It is not illegal though to fly drones in the night. They are like any other flying machine which has all the right the take the flight be it day or night. The law permits as far as safety is taken care of- the problems sweeps in when the drones that fly in the air at night are equipped with cameras.

The camera can be an object of question – as spying or privacy intrusion is against the law. Even though the purpose of the flight is not to do so, it becomes difficult to explain it to the authorities especially in cases where complaints are made.

How can you Fly it at night?

Flying drone at night is definitely a great activity and a totally different experience. Making a decision to use it at night should be based on those around you than anything else.

First of all, it is a difficult option even for the user, given the night visibility. However, if you have enough experience flying drone during the day, you may want to try that at night. So, the next thing is to keep the place and area around in mind. With a camera attached to the flying device and a neighbourhood filled with people may not be an excellent idea.

Be Careful

This would create more suspicion; even if people are not suspicious, there could be chances of confusions. There have even been cases where these flying objects are confused as something else. If you live in a crowded area, find a park or open place you could go to, to fly the drone at night. Do remember that flying at night is possible and supported by law but it does come with great responsibility.

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