Can Lawn Mowers Use Premium Gas?

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Like any tool, your lawn mower is probably a valued asset to your toolkit. Aside from cleaning and under carriage maintenance, your lawn mower probably needs regular oil checks and gas refills. While all of this is pretty standard, you may be wondering — can my lawn mower run on premium gas? It’s a valid question and one that is worth exploring. Across the aisle there are various opinions, both for and against premium gas use in mowers, within this article we will explore both sides of the spectrum.

First And Foremost

It is recommended you not try this outright, since some tools require a certain type of fuel (think weed eaters) if you value your hardware, it’s best not to experiment without doing some proper research. Regardless of the general advice, you should make product specific searches so that you can better understand your personal lawn mower needs before attempting to use premium gas products.

That being said, yes, the short answer is that you can use premium gas products in your lawn mower–but like with many things in life you may want to consider it well first.

There’s A But?

Yes, there are quite a few reasons you may not want to use premium gas in your lawn mower. For example :

1. The Price

Premium gas is of a higher octane grade, what this means is less “filler” is added to the gas, and thus it is more pure. Typically lawn mowers can run on lower grade gasoline, so premium grade gasoline might not even be necessary. On the other hand, higher grade gasoline provides less additives, which means your lawn mower’s engine will incur less build up as well.

2. Purer, Cleaner

While premium gas has less additives, you still need the same amount of gas to perform any action involving your mower. What this means essentially is that by using better gas you aren’t getting better “mileage”. Because you have to use the same amount you may end up paying more in the long run.

3. Additives Can Destroy

Some additives are known for destroying the internals of engines, including the rings and bearings. Premium gasoline can often contain chemical additives, so you may want to be wary of this if you’d like to keep your lawn mower for extended ownership.

That being said, there are quite a few good reasons why you may want to use premium gasoline as well :

  • Small Engines : Smaller engines seem to process high quality gasoline better , giving them an obvious performance edge.
  • If you have a smaller engine, you use less fuel, this means in the long run you also use less gas.
  • Helpful additives in the gas can also help clean engine debris and help prevent clogging in engines.

Ultimately it’s your decision about whether you’d like to use premium gas in your lawn mower, it really depends on your situation, your finances and the tool of choice. We hope you can use this guide to premium gas use as a helpful primer to base your decision on.

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  1. Ethanol is not good in small engines over their lifetime. Premium has issues with gumming up fuel lines over winter or deteriorating the rubber seals in engines as well as gas stays usable longer. In Canada, all major brands of premium gasoline are ethanol free. Premium is definitely the way to go for those types of small engines

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