Can Lawnmowers Fly?

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Lawn mowers, as we know are just internal combustion engines with revolving blades to evenly cut blades of grass to same height. Now almost all of us have watched a lawn mover in our lives and a lawn mower in flight is a very fictitious concept which came into the limelight, off late. But is the creation of flying lawn mowers really a matter of fiction or can this idea actually be implemented in real time.

Let’s assume that such a flying lawn mower is actually fabricated. Now, is it really that effective? Is it really that productive? These would be few of our questions and feelings after hearing such a concept for the first time.

Convincingly, It’s Unconventional

After all, lawn mowers aren’t that an alienated topic but flying lawn mowers are a subject quite unheard of in the past. Now we think of such a possibility without any bigot mindsets of thinking of the non existence of such a thing. If yes, like lawn mowers can fly with aerodynamic designs with quite an intricate design where lawn mowers take off and land on the cushiony grass which is kind of crass and trims it with utmost ease. Lawn mowers would be pretty cool to watch.

That would be audacious and can be effectively put to evenly cut blades of grass probably with a sensor which senses the amount of grass which should be cut mechanically and will guide the mechanism ably.

Credibility for Ability

But the question still remains is that are lawn mowers really that productive? Though we hear many designs coming into the forefront and the actual productivity of this is still a major concern. It is obviously not arguable about its construction as we have seen many designs ourselves to know it is a possibility but the way it can be put to a proper usage is still under the radar.

The self propelled mowers or the walk behind lawn mowers don’t come with such a sophisticated mechanism but are pretty much on board to carry out the basic functions of a lawn mowers. That’s all is expected from a lawn mower is ably performed and giving wings to lawn mowers would just be gross to scientists who are against the idea of having flying lawn mowers.

Gross or Isn’t Such a Big Loss?

Lawn mowers flying wouldn’t actually be that gross but it would be just that we are investing too much time and money on mere baubles. We’re not commenting on the ideas and designs of a flying lawn mowers and yes, lawn mowers can fly by incorporating a few things and tweaking the original design of a conventional lawn mower. The designs could look subtle and is viable to perform the basic functionality of cutting grass after landing on the ground after its initial take off. But where exactly does it land? How is it controlled?

A basic insight would tell us that it would be remote controlled but by bringing all the additional add-ons to the lawn mower and bringing a remote control as well into the picture would have a significant impact on the efficiency of the lawn mower. All these factors would be in the thick of things when the actual credibility in numbers is seen and only then we could comment on the flying lawn mowers replacing the conventional ones.

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