Can Mountain Bikes Do Tricks?

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When you have a mountain bike, you not only use it for fitness or to be more environmentally friendly. Many use it as they want to do tricks on it, perhaps to show off to their friends or perhaps to exhibit their level of expertise and skill. Well, the primary requirement for any of these cases is dexterity, guts and a penchant of idiocy as well.

The Tricks You Wouldn’t Want to Miss Out On

Thinking of exploring more with your mountain bike? Here are a few tricks you can try out.

a) The Nose Wheelie

This trick has a difficulty level 5 or in other words, it takes a lot of guts to do it. This consists of building up speed and then shifting your entire weight back and then gently feathering the front break and the rear wheel is lifted upward. The body weight should roll forward and the back end would then lift. The precision is in the control. If there is too much of braking, you will pile drive. If there is too little of it, you will only slow down. The front wheel is to be continuously rolled and not locked. When it is perfectly done, when your weight reaches the balance, you will stop.

b) Uphill Restart

Depending on the hill, this one will have a difficulty level 2 to 4. In order to do it, you need to shift 1-3 gears harder than when you stop. You have to position the bike so that the best traction is available. Your strong foot is to be clicked with the crank at a position like 2 o clock and the unclipped foot is to be on a log or rock so that you can sit on the saddle. The elbows are to be bent and chest lowered. With one motion you need to push with the free foot and push down with the clipped-in foot. After building momentum, the free foot is to be clipped. If the front end is lifted, then the gear is to be shifted up and with the chest lower you need to slide on the saddle.

c) The Wheelie

This is with difficulty levels of 1 – 3. In this, a slight incline is needed so that the front wheel can be kept up. You need flat pedals for easy escape or you don’t need to clip in. For a perfect wheelie, you need to pedal in either low gear or even medium gear then you need to pull up your handlebar while pushing down on one crank. You need to slide back on the saddle so that the weight is on the rear wheel. You can keep pedaling and use the rear brake to control when popped up.

Final Verdict

Do remember that when you are learning to do tricks, there are always chances of hurting yourself, just like you did when you learnt cycling for the first time. So make sure to always employ safety measures. However, if you love adventure, it is well worth the applause and admiration earned.

You can do a lot more with your mountain bike than what you think. If you’re asking yourself, can mountain bikes do tricks, it can. The question is, can you?

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