Can Nutrition Influence a Disease?

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In 2017 there are plenty of ways to make sure you are healthy. On the off chance that you do fall ill, one has easy access to diagnosis or medicine. Even under various circumstances where generic medicine is available, one might not have the time or money or remember to take the medicine on time.

Nutrients and their function

A nutrient is a substance that provides nourishment and aids in the metabolism of the human body. It can be further categorized in two ways.

  • Essential nutrients
  • Nonessential nutrients

Non-essential nutrients are basically the type of nutrients that can be synthesized by the body. Our focus however will be on the essential nutrients, as the body is incapable of synthesizing those.

Essential nutrients if included in a well balanced diet can help avoid cold/fever and even combat chronic disease. In fact proper nutrition even helps in healing a wound quicker since it increases the amount of protein, mineral and vitamin required to promote healing.

So, can Nutrition Influence a Disease?

You might be wondering how diet and nutrition are two related things. Turns out, having the wrong diet can increase the chances of you getting a chronic disease.

Chronic diseases are preventable if you take the right precautions. For instance, obesity, diabetes and even cancer can be preventable with the right diet and a good amount of physical activity.

Lifestyle changes today in the world means that cereals and staples like potatoes are being replaced with diets that are high in sugar and animal fats. A higher percentage of individuals leading a sedentary lifestyle with a varying diet is adding to the woes. Statistics point out that the average fat consumption for every individual is only going upwards,

What type of diet should you take?

While dairy products, eggs and meats are great for your body offering you the protein and nutrients you need, taking them daily could lead to excessive intakes of fat. This, in turn, could lead to higher chances of cardiovascular diseases and the like.

Instead, you need a good balanced diet to help you out. You need a diet that is not just full of meat but high in fruits and vegetables as well. Without the right nutrition, it’s easier to fall sick. It’s been proven, for instance, that breastfeeding can lower the probability of developing obesity later on in one’s life. Similarly, unhealthy habits during childhood could lead to higher chances of developing obesity or even cardiovascular diseases.

In fact, trans fat, a type of fat you get from most of the items that you buy at your neighbourhood store, like baked goods, has also been linked to cancer. Additionally, the WHO/FAO Expert Consultation on Diet, Nutrition and the Prevention of Chronic Diseases which had met in Geneva more than a decade back in 2002, linked nutritional deficiency to different diseases. These included everything from heart diseases to diabetes to cancer and even osteoporosis and dental diseases.

How can you get the right nutrition?

Now that you know that nutrition can influence a disease, you need to know how you can combat it.

To have optimum health, and a longer life, you need to be physically active, and eat a variety of foods. Additionally, social interaction can help too.

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