Can You Put a Weight Bench Upstairs?

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Some of us live in apartments and some of us make do by remodeling and converting a bedroom or spare room to a den or even a home gym. However, not all of us have the good fortune of having unlimited space. Urban homes are pretty compact and might not even have enough space for you to have two beds together. Take in the fact that most of us live in apartments a few floors above the ground.

So, if you’re thinking to move a weight bench upstairs to your room, would your home be able to support it?
In cases of home gyms on the upper floors of the house, it gets a little tricky as we are never sure if the upstairs structure will be able to hold a weight bench press. We are always wary of the fact that the construction could get damaged or the floor could collapse.

Tips to Remember

Here is a look at some of the things that you should consider to answer the question of whether can you put a weight bench upstairs?

  • Residential homes are equipped to handle weight of upto 40 pounds per square foot.
  • Before installing a weight bench press upstairs, you need to check the weight and ensure that it does not exceed this amount.
  • Calculate not only the weight of the bench press but also your weight and the weight of equipment which are in the room. For that matter, even the weight of floor covers should be taken into consideration.

How to Keep the Weight Bench Properly?

The gym floor should have rubber mats not only for comfort but for safety as well. They cushion the flooring and cover up whatever imperfections there are like holes or gaps or even splinters in the flooring. It is recommended that you buy horse stall mats made of rubber as a cheaper alternative to the mats at the fitness supply store. In addition to being cheaper, they offer quality which is identical. If the room is carpeted, it offers the same advantage and cushioning as a rubber mat and can be used instead of a rubber mat.

If you have doubts as to whether the weight will be taken by the upstairs room, you can opt for reinforcements to be done. Either extra joists can be put in or cross bracing can be installed between the joists that exist or a 2 by 4 can be attached to the bottom of several joists. This way the weight is evenly divided between the joists and the upstairs floor is strengthened.

However, if the user has an option then an ideal place for setting up of a home gym is either a garage or the basement. The reason why these are ideal for home gyms, is that they are made of concrete and can handle loads with ease. Therefore, if you have a choice, it is wiser to opt for these rather than an upstairs location. Another advantage in using these rooms is the ease of carrying the heavy equipment to and fro as well rather than carting them up and down stairs.

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