Can Quadcopters Fly in the Rain?

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In the past few years, flying quadcopters or drones has become a hobby for a lot of enthusiasts. The drone and quadcopters industry has accomplished many amazing progress in building these aerial machines and adding important features. Drones have made aerial video capturing, photography and FPV flying to become very popular.

But most fliers are always wary of flying their quadcopters in the rain. This has led to some drastic improvements and advancements in the design of quadcopters/drones, to adapt to flying in the rain, or over water bodies. Today’s high-tech quadcopters and drones have been designed to be more rugged and waterproof. It is important that your quadcopter is waterproof, in case you are flying in FPV and over a water body when your quadcopter loses power. You won’t have to worry about water damage. Or in case you are flying your quadcopters and it starts to rain.

Some of the best quadcopters to fly in the rain

1. QuadH20

The QuadH20 is specifically designed to fly in the rain and over water bodies with speed and agility. It can even fly through the heaviest of rains. Its maximum speed is 40km/h and it is great for capturing water sports like speed boat racing and jet skiing. The body is made of Epoxy fibre composite material and legs made using Epoxy carbon/fibre composite, making it extremely strong and watertight. Since the QuadH20 has an enclosed casing, it features an in-built heat-absorber to make sure it does not become too heated. Controlling the quadcopter is through GPS and DJI Naza controller. This quadcopter has been built in such a way that you customize it with FPV system and the GoPro action camera for shooting airborne videos anywhere you want. The QuadH20 battery life is 9-10 minutes when used with the FPV, GoPro action camera, etc.

2. Mariner Drone

The Mariner drone can withstand all kinds of environments, thanks to its rugged, high-quality body, which is waterproof as well. The Mariner drone streamlined and powerful design is capable of being mounted the GoPro camera in a waterproof case or even can be mounted on a gimbal. There are four variations of the mariner drone.

The FPV version is suitable for shooting professional videos with a secured camera and has an integrated video transmission that transmits to an LCD monitor attached to the controller. It also comes equipped with a dual axis brushless gimbal, together with a mount to house the GoPro camera, or other FPV devices. Another variation is the RTF system, which comes with a frequency transmitter pre-installed and setup.

The third variation is an included NazaM-Lite flight controller that has GPS and autopilot hover. This one is an aluminum enclosure that is protective for the quadcopter and is lightweight and easily portable. Inside is a custom foam that keeps all the different parts safely.

3. Splash Drone

The Splash Drone features a watertight body together with watertight circuits, GPS, and wires. This quadcopter allows taking off from any water body without the fear of ruining it, so you get the chance to shoot some pretty amazing footage.

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