Can You Rent Lawn Mowers?

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Ask anyone who works in the yard and they will tell you that a lawn mower is an indispensable tool for lawn maintenance. A fresh cut lawn gives your home a well kept, professional look and is essential for outer home care. But what can you do if you simply can’t afford a lawn mower? Perhaps yours broke down or you’re tired of borrowing from that one annoying neighbor who loves to talk. There is a simple remedy to this problem — rent one!

Lawn Mower Rental : What You Should Know

Wait–you can do that? Rent a lawn mower? Yes, you can! It’s a lot more simple than you might expect. The first thing you need to know is where to look. Most home and household related services and department store chains allow you to rent tools, but did you know this also applies to tools like weed eaters and lawn mowers?

Stores like Home Depot and Sun Belt Rentals, for example, allow you to rent lawn mowers in a pinch. If you don’t have a shed area or a place to stow away tools, lawn mower rentals are a great alternative to fixing that problem.

I’m Sold–But Wait There’s More

So it sounds like a great idea, a win-win from any angle right? Before you get started, there are a few things you should probably know off hand.

  • Deposits: Nearly all tool loaning services require that you put down a deposit before they will allow you to use their service. The deposit is a loss mitigation technique, a way to reduce intended theft and keep both parties honest. In most cases, the deposit is returned when the mower is.
  • Fees : If you have a few bucks to spare, most services are fairly inexpensive. You can use a mower for an end fee of 20 to 40$ on average, which isn’t too bad if you just need to mow a single lawn occasionally. You may want to keep this in mind however, since as mentioned previously you must also place a deposit as well.
  • Duration: Most services charge based on the duration of the rental, this can range anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks. This varies from service to service as well, so you may want to shop around before making a final decision.
  • Type Of Mower: The type of mower also comes into play, a walking mower is much less expensive to rent for example than a riding mower. Determine your needs before shelling out your cash to make sure you get the most out of your temporary investment.

Time To Clip The Lawn

Now that you know you can rent lawn mowers there is absolutely no excuse for an untrimmed lawn. With a wide selection of tool rental services on the market you can find a plethora of mowers for just about any job. You should take a moment to shop around so that you can find one that fits your needs, both budget and labor — you won’t regret it.

2 Responses

  1. I like that you said I should shop around for garden rental service before I make a final decision, so I can know if rental policies of various services and compare them. My wife wants me to rent a lawnmower to trim the grass on our front yard. We both agree that it’s more cost-effective to continuously rent a lawnmower instead of buying one. I’ll remember your tip and ask the services the duration of the rental before I choose a service to avail. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for informing me that I can actually rent a lawn mower if I can’t afford to buy one. I would just need to pay for the duration of the rental and put down a deposit. My husband and I just moved into our new home that has a gorgeous front lawn. We don’t have a lawn mower of our own, so I’ll start looking for an equipment rental company to help keep our grass green and healthy.

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