Do Chainsaws Have Serial Numbers?

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Chainsaws are powerful tools that enable us to accomplish most of the work in a short time. Chainsaws come in different shapes and sizes and they all help to make work easier. The most popular are the petrol chainsaw and the electric chainsaw.

Petrol chainsaws

The petrol chainsaws are powered by a two-stroke gasoline engine that gives you the best of all worlds. Petrol chainsaws are quite powerful, portable and most suited for general felling of trees and firewood cutting that is common in remote areas. They are more expensive than electric chainsaws but they are also versatile giving you good value for your money.

Electric chainsaws

Electric chainsaws on the other hand are most suited for use around the home. They are powered by mains electricity and they are fairly powerful. Electric chainsaws have a individual advantage of being more silent than their counterparts. In addition, these chainsaws don’t cause any emission and therefore good for the environment. They are therefore best suited for use in highly populated areas and for use in the backyard for various jobs.

Do chainsaws have serial numbers?

There are a number of chainsaw brands that have dominated the market for several years. There are still more brands that come up now and then. For a fact, almost every chainsaw that is introduced to the market has a serial number. The chainsaw serial number uniquely identifies your chainsaw from the others and also serves other various purposes.

Firstly, we all know that farm tools and equipment are quite expensive. Chances are that you buy a particular chainsaw because you needed it and therefore wouldn’t want to lose it in any case. Chainsaw serial numbers come in handy especially when you are required to identify your chainsaw in case of theft. In case your chainsaw is stolen and recovered by the security agencies; you will need to produce the serial number as a proof that it without doubt belongs to you.

In addition, we have witnessed incidences where some chainsaw manufacturers recall products that have been released into the market with various defects. It is mostly done to reduce cases of accidents since a defective chainsaw can be very dangerous to use.

In most of the cases, the manufactures publish the serial numbers of chainsaws that they have recalled for inspection and repair. To find out if your chainsaw is in the list, you will need to have its serial number. You will also need the serial number of your chainsaw when claiming repairs under the manufacturer’s warranty.

How to find chainsaw serial number for different manufactures

The location of the chainsaw serial number varies with the chainsaw brands. But in most cases you will find the serial number embossed in the plastic housing at the point where the chain comes into contact with the body of the saw.

To find its location, set the chainsaw on a bench such that the tip of the chain points towards you. Examine the chainsaws casing just at the point where the chain comes into contact with the body of the saw. In most cases, you will find a decal with a bar code and another number embossed into the plastic casing. Look carefully and you are most likely to find a serial number printed just below the barcode.

Some other chainsaw manufacturers print the serial numbers on the body of the chainsaw. Turn your chainsaw over and search on the body for small embossed numbers. If you can’t find the numbers on the chainsaw body, you can also check on the chainsaws manual. Some chainsaw manufacturers will print the chainsaw serial numbers on their manuals. A good place to check in most manuals is the last page.

As a last resort, if you can’t trace your chainsaw’s serial numbers in any of the highlighted places, it can be worth contacting the chainsaw store that originally sold it to you. Some chainsaw stores record the chainsaw serial numbers and the names of the purchasers for purposes of warranty.

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