Do Chainsaws Have Spark Plugs?

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First off, what is a chainsaw?

A chainsaw is a mechanical saw that is portable and cuts with a set of teeth which is fixed on to a chain that rotates on a bar. Chainsaws can be used for various purposes – cutting down trees and even ice. There are specially designed chainsaws that help you cut concrete. They are violent and noisy machines that can cut through some of the strongest objects known to man.

The chainsaw has two important parts – a saw that placed within a chain and wrapped around a guide bar and a small gasoline engine, which can be an electric motor that is powered by a cord or a battery pack. If you already own one, you might be wondering if these have spark plugs, especially since it has many benefits.

What is a spark plug?

A spark plug, for one, is used to transfer the electric current from the ignition system to the combustion cell in the engine to rave up the compressed fuel and air mixture with an electric spark. Spark plugs can be used for several other purposes as well, such as calculating the ionization in the cylinders and also in furnaces, where the fuel-air mixture needs to be ignited. They are sometimes, also known as flame igniters.

Spark plugs in chainsaws

We have just seen how spark plugs help ignite a spark to start the engine and that chainsaws have a small engine attached to them. So, yes, most of the chainsaws do so have spark plugs to get going!

Since chainsaws come with an engine that have the mixture of air and fuel that needs to be ignited, spark plugs are an important part. It is the spark plug that is responsible for creating the spark that ignites the engine and thereby, gets your chainsaw going with which you go about performing a lot of chores that weren’t possible for you to carry out before.

There may be some instances when your chainsaw won’t start up. In these cases, it is always a good idea to check if the park plug is functioning properly or not. You need to check if the plug gives out a spark and for that, remove the plug and and use a plug wire to touch the metallic part of the engine and watch the electrodes to produce a spark. If there are no sparks, just use a metal brush to gently clean it and remove the corrosion. If it still doesn’t work, you will have to change the spark plug.

You should always remember to use the spark plug that is recommended in the user manual. The generally recommended one tends to be the RCJ7Y. It is advisable to not ignore this as using the any other spark plug apart from the one that is recommended may damage your engine.

Some of the best spark plugs for chainsaws are manufactured by Bosch and NGK. You also have the option of going for Champion spark plugs but the other two now produce better spark plugs that last longer.

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