How to Clean a Chainsaw Air Filter

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On average a chainsaw intakes a lot of air, far much than a human being usually intakes. The air filters are essential to protect the entire chain; failure of the combustion chamber results in failure of the entire chainsaw. It’s advisable to wash the filter daily so as to get rid of the particulate matter that may with time clog the chainsaw, or wash it depending on the usage of the saw; this could be after a few hours, say 5 hours, or after every refueling. This will prevent slowing down of your work and also lengthen the expected life of your chainsaw. By tending it well, you will incur less maintenance costs and earn more income through it.

Prepare the filter for cleaning

Well to clean something you ought to have it in hand or at least make it ready for washing. The chainsaw air filter isn’t exposed to the surface; it’s well protected, given its importance to the entire saw. The indicator of where it’s located are the slits at the surface of the saw; this are meant to ensure that there is free flow of air in and out of the saw. In extreme cases of dirt accumulation; the slits may be covered, from the inside, by particulate matter which is so unsafe for the chainsaws lifespan.

Once you know where the filters are located; remove the outer covering of the filter; this could require screwdrivers, make sure you have it in hand for use. Then reach for the main filter cover after removing the outer covering, unscrew it too; to access the filter. Carefully and gently remove the filter from the saw and get ready for washing.

How to go about cleaning

  • Assemble the items to do the job; you require at least two buckets of water, a hand bristle brush, toothbrush is also an alternative. Access to cold and hot water and soap.
  • Put some soap in a bucket and fill it with hot water.
  • Take the filter, gently scrub it to loosen the dirt particles then dip it the bucket of hot water.
  • Swirl it a little then let it settle down to remove the dirt as it’s absorb by the soapy water and settles at the bottom of the bucket.
  • After a few minutes, remove it them deep it in a bucket full of cold water. This is meant to absorb the soap that could be attached to the surface of the filter and any other dirt that is not removed by the hot water.
  • Remove it from the cold water bucket after few minutes and allow it to dry.

Clean the covers too

The covers need to be thoroughly clean, they play a big role in the cleanliness of the filters and also improve their efficiency. Deep them (one by one depending on the size of the bucket) in the hot water, scrub them with the hand brush then rinse in cold water. Allow them time to dry, as they do, take time to tend to other parts of the chainsaw to ensure fitness for work.

On drying, assembly the filter and filter covers and replace them in their rightful positions. Start with the filter, then the filter cover, screw it in place and finally the surface covering of the chainsaw.

Take proper care of your chainsaw and prevent cost of buying another or having to replace parts every now and then. However you could have a spare filter to work with the one in place, especially when you are too busy to clean each and every time. Use the spare filter, then wash them both later as you check out other parts too after the day’s work.

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