How to Clean Lawn Mower Air Filter

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One of the things to protect in any machine is the air filter, as it prevents dust from wearing or slowing down the engine. A well-maintained air filter will keep dust that are airborne from entering into the carburetor, and hence, destroying the engine.

There are various types of air filters which mostly have foam or air-pleated paper constituent. The Dual-element air filters offer double layer protection as they have both foam and air-pleated paper elements.

In order to check up your air filter, you would need to locate it in your mower and remove the cover. Inspect if the filter is too dirty or oily, if it is it definitely needs to be cleaned.

To clean a foam air filter, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the lawn mower, or make sure to pull the spark plug before all else and have it cooled down. Unscrew the housing where the air filter is located
  2. Pull out the air filter and wash with hot water and liquid soap to cut the grease. Then remove as much water as possible when rinsing
  3. Dab the filter with just enough motor oil. Remember that too much oil can be harmful for the exhaust. Squeeze out the excess oil
  4. Clear the rubber gasket with any debris. Make sure there is no tear on the rubber gasket and that it will be able to hold a tight seal when returned; if not, replace the gasket
  5. Put the filter back and cover it.

Types of Foam Air Filter

1. Disposable Air Filter

This is made of special paper that will be able to catch particles. Although it can be cleaned with compressed air, it is best to simply throw it out after usage.

  • Open the filter housing and remove the air filter
  • Purchase the same filter at the store, make sure that it is of the same size
  • Put the filter at the engine and cover it

2.  Reusable Foam Air Filter

To prevent contaminants from entering, this is lightly oiled. For maintenance it can be simply be washed and reused.

  • Open the filter case and remove the air filter
  • Wash the foam filter thoroughly using mild soap and water
  • Dry the foam filter; have the excess water squeezed out from the air filter. Use a rag or paper towel to dry it out
  • This one can be tricky, so better check the owner’s manual before putting in oil in your filter. Some new models now has non-oiled filters. A spoonful of oil will do, and make sure that you put just enough, squeeze out excess oil or blot it using paper towel.
  • When you are already satisfied with the cleaning, you may now attach the filter back to your lawn mower and cover it.

As earlier mentioned, the air filter of your lawn mower is the engine’s line of defense against airborne particles. It is important that you keep it maintained so that would serve you for a long period of time. It is important that you know the type of your air filter so that you can maintain them as is required. This is because different types of air filter require different methods. The tips provided in this article would be sufficient to ensure that your lawn mower is reliable and durable.

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