How to Clean A Lawn Mower Caburetor

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Planning and starting out the beauty of the landscape of your yard is a moderate challenge, but maintaining it requires much more effort, time and investment. To avoid unnecessary spending, you should ensure that your equipment is well maintained and cleaned.

Keeping your lawn mower clean and in good shape will lessen the chances for potential accidents. It would also ensure that your device looks neat and tidy. Here are tips on when and how to clean your lawn mowers without taking so much time.


  1. Before you relax and call it a day, keep in mind that the best time to clean the mower is before the grass residue in the blades and ventilation slots dries hard — ventilation blockages are the main cause of overheating of lawn mowers
  2. Keep a thick cloth and soft brush near your lawn mower storage, this will be of great use for the cleaning
  3. Always use gloves as a safety measure from possible serious cuts. Make sure that the plug is removed; and if it is petrol powered, make sure that the spark plug is disconnected


  • Do not use water or polish to clean the blade, it may turn the blades rusty if they are made of metal
  • Cleaning your lawn mower does not have a step-by-step protocol to follow.
  • For safety precautions, always make sure that the engine has fully died down and cooled off before you start maintenance to avoid getting burnt.
  • Remove and shake or empty the grass box to avoid further mess from falling lawn clippings
  • Use your thick cloth by wiping out the box and have it completely dried out
  • With your brush, clean the mess left in the mower. Avoid using water when cleaning off any grass or oil in the engine as it may cause engine block
  • For the underside of the mower, make sure to clean the wet grass as soon as possible and avoid having it dry out in the blade. It may cause rust in the mower chassis.
  • Brush or scrape the grass off from under the hood. Usually, the tool is already provided upon purchase of lawn mowers, but if not, a simple plastic kitchen spatula will get the job done
  • After having a hands-on cleaning of the mower, you may now use a water hose to rinse off unremoved grass residue, keep in mind to not aim the water hose at the side of the machine as to avoid water from entering the air filter
  • After rinsing the outside of the mower, let it air dry for about an hour before inspecting again for possible grass build up — do not worry, it can be removed using your hands. For those grass build up that lasted seasons, use a scraper to remove it.
  • Lastly, check your blades after cleaning. If it is still in good condition, spray it with vegetable oil before storing it back.

Changing the oil and cleaning your mower on a regular basis would not only make it long lasting, but would make sure your machine looks good all the time. You should, however, keep in mind that cleaning is only part of the maintenance process. You should be prepared for the periodical replacement of certain parts of the machine to make it more reliable on the long run.

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