What Are Some Common Applications for a Chainsaw?

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What are some common applications for a chainsaw? This is probably the first question that surfaces within the mind of someone who sees a chainsaw in a popular hardware store. Since the first lightweight model made its debut back in the sixties, chainsaws have been able to maintain their popularity over the years. It is not unusual for a hardware enthusiast to have a chainsaw sitting on the shelf in their garage. Chainsaws are also used by arborists and loggers around the globe. In this article, we are going to take a close look at the chainsaw and its common applications.

What is a Chainsaw?

A chainsaw is a portable mechanical saw that has a set of teeth attached to a rotating chain. The chainsaw cuts as the rotating chain moves on a guide bar. The chainsaw is an exceptional tool, but it must be handled with extreme care. Unfortunately, many accidents that take place throughout the year can be attributed to the chainsaw. This is the primary reason why you must handle a chainsaw with extreme care.

What Are Some Common Applications for the Chainsaw?

This versatile tool can be used in many different settings. Saws are sold in three different sizes: mini, mid, and heavy-duty. It’s imperative to point out that you can choose either an electric saw or a gas-powered saw. It’s also important to mention that chainsaws come in different bar lengths. You must choose a chainsaw that will be suitable for your project.

Here are the common applications for handy chainsaw:

Cutting Beef

It may seem strange, but electric chainsaws can be used to butcher beef. Some livestock owners and butchers use chainsaws to cut beef with extreme precision. Chainsaws also help livestock owners and butchers save a significant amount of time. For instance, it could take hours for one to cut up cattle with a knife. With an electric saw, it can be done within a matter of minutes.

Woodcutting Chores

Many people use chainsaws for various woodcutting chores. This is why many do-it-yourself enthusiasts purchase chainsaws. Let’s take a quick look at how you can use a chainsaw for woodcutting chores.

  • Limbing: This is where you use the chainsaw to cut branches off a log. To avoid kickback, you must be able to reach the cut with ease.
  • Size-up: This is analyzing and scheduling safe cuts for the felling direction, retreat paths, and high-risk zones before starting the saw. The aim is to cut the tree so that it will fall safely. You don’t want the tree to fall on an obstacle or on another tree.
  • Felling: This is where you clear the tree’s base undergrowth for the felling direction and retreat path. Three main cuts are used for this chore.
  • Brushing and Slashing: The chainsaw is used to clear small trees and branches less than five inches in diameter.

Cut Ice

Chainsaws can also be used to cut ice. You can use a chainsaw to cut a hole in your frozen pond. This will give you an opportunity to fish during the winter months.

A high-powered chainsaw can be used for ice carvings. With skill and patience, one can create beautiful art out of ice with the aid of a reliable chainsaw.

What are some common applications for the chain saw? This versatile tool can be used to cut beef and ice. It can also be used for various wood cutting chores. It’s fair to say that the chainsaw will continue to be a popular tool in the years to come.

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