Are Commuter Bikes Fast?

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If you’re thinking to buy a commuter bike, you’d be asking yourself are commuter bikes fast? Commuter bikes are a great choice not only because they are green and it keeps you fit as well as active but the fact that it is cheap and quicker than some modes of transport especially when you consider traffic jams as well as delays. The type of bike chosen depends on not only the distance, the terrain as well as the surfaces that you will encounter.

Different Types of Commuter Bikes

When trying to answer the question ‘are commuter bikes fast’, you need to know the different types of commuter bikes available. Here is a look at few of the popular options.

1. Flat Bar Road Bikes

These have flat handlebars and wheels like a standard road bike. They are the cheapest option possible. These are also called racing bikes and they are the fastest but not necessarily the most comfortable. These road bikes give good efficiency and speed as well as are light and aerodynamic. However, they are rough on unmetalled roads. Road bikes are good if there are long commutes and the ride is on open roads. It also is good for sight seeing and training rides.

2. Hybrid Bikes

The hybrid bikes which are a cross between mountain and touring bikes have smooth tires and are comfortable as well as strong for gravel paths. They have more upright riding positions and are good for visibility as well as control. They help if the commute is mainly on the road with a little of cycle trail.

Choices According to Features

There are bikes with 10 gears, hydraulic disk brakes and bigger tires, mudguards as well as a rack – these double up not only for commuting but they are lighter than mountain bikes and can handle long rides with ease. Mountain bikes are good for off road riding but are slower on roads due to the chunky tires and suspension. If the commute includes rough roads and slippery cycle paths, this is ideal.

  • Folding bikes are portable and light. They are not meant for long journeys or tall riders.
  • Touring bikes, on the other hand. are like road bikes but are tougher. They have panniers and mudguard mounts.
  • Single Speed bikes are simple and durable. They do not have gears and are cheap to purchase as well as to maintain but are hard when riding uphill.
  • Cyclocross bikes are good for off road riding and are commuter friendly. They are tougher and more maneuverable than road bikes and lighter than mountain bikes.
  • Electric bikes are heavier and bulkier than bicycles but are user friendly and are cheaper than motorized vehicles.


A number of employers allow for bikes to be bought tax free. If you want a good view of traffic and pedestrians, you should opt for a flat barred bike however, if the commute has a lot of open road, drop barred bikes are more efficient as well as faster.

Some commuter friendly options are puncture resistant tires as well as disc brakes, which give better consistent performance in wet weathers. Hub gears help commuters as the working parts of the bike are away from the rain and therefore the gear work with minimal maintenance.

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