How to Cut Down a Tree with a Chainsaw

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People typically use chainsaws to cut down trees as well as to make easy work out of limbs and similar items. However, have you ever wondered how to cut down a tree with a chainsaw and do it safely and effectively? The truth is, it is essential that you know how to do it correctly if you are going to do it. Otherwise, it is simply not safe to cut down a tree. Fortunately, you can learn how to do it correctly in just a few easy steps.

How to Cut Down a Tree with a Chainsaw

The first thing you have to do is plan for safety. Carefully evaluate the terrain where the tree is. Make note of any other trees in the area, as well as structures, automobiles or anything else that the tree could potentially fall on. This will help you decide which direction you want the tree to fall. You should allow for roughly twice the length of the tree. This will help you make sure that you are doing the job safely without putting anything at risk needlessly. It is also a good idea to make sure that there is not a lot of debris lying on the ground that might interfere with a quick exit when it comes time for you to get out of the way. Without a doubt, you should always make sure that you do a final check of the area before you actually fell the tree in order to make sure that there are no people or animals in the area that could get hurt.

Now that you are ready to make your cut and you have decided which direction you want the tree to fall, make your first cut on the side of the tree that you want to give way first. This cut should be at a 60 degree angle and should go through about a quarter of the tree’s overall diameter. Your second cut will be a horizontal one that comes up to meet the top cut. This gives you a notch on the face of the tree. Make sure that the notch faces the direction that the tree will ultimately fall.

Next, move to the opposite side of the tree and start cutting three or four inches above the horizontal cut that you just placed on the other side. Use caution not to cut all the way through the trunk of the tree. When you are finished, you should have cut through about 90% of the tree’s diameter, roughly leaving 10% of it untouched. At this point, the tree is almost ready to fall. Use a wedge and forcefully place it into the cut, effectively allowing the tree to start falling over. Make sure that you get clear before it actually falls. Furthermore, be sure that you stay out of the area until the tree has fallen completely and you are absolutely certain that nothing else is going to fall as a direct result of it. You can then pack up for the day or go on to the next tree, depending on your particular situation.

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