Is Drone Racing the Sport of the Future?

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A drone is a quadcopter used for research purposes in various fields which include navigation, robotics, flight control and real-time systems. We know drones as weapons used in the war zones only. However, these miniature mechanical quadcopters have gained serious popularity in the recent years due to their complex performance activities.

What is Drone Racing?

Today drones are extensively used for both commercial and personal activities. Is drone racing the sport of the future? Yes, that’s what the scenario is portraying. In the recent years, drones have entered the field of sports and sports enthusiasts started considering these mechanically controlled air devices seriously for fun and entertainment.

More and more youngsters are getting attracted to the new game called drone racing. The competition involves participants to control the quadcopters and use a special head-mounted display to show live images captured by the device.

The game began as an amateur sport in Australia around two years ago where a player has to complete a set course in the minimum possible time to be a winner. Drone Racing will be using quadcopters called rotor cross where the rotor blades of the device are used to airlift.

Some gaming enthusiasts have taken the drones to the next level to race them against each other. It has become a matter of pride to see which drone has done better which further developed into drone racing. Today drone tournaments are being held in various countries across the world with huge money given away as the prize for the winning drone owner.

The prize money and adventurous gaming concept are attracting people of all ages to participate in the tournaments. Drones involved in the race tournaments are geared to accomplish the forward movement than upward thrust and has an ‘H’ configuration. The primary objective of this type of drone configuration is to provide high speed where the speed and maneuvering skills of the players are used to outpace the other participating drones.

Is Drone Racing the Sport of the Future?

Positively yes, it is predicted that drone racing will become familiar just like formula one racing. The existing drone models can see only what is there in the front of the drone with the help of the front camera which helps the user to give instructions to the device through radio-wave signals using manual inputs. However, the potential of a rotocross to become a Projected virtual reality sport by adding 360 degrees spherical cameras to the rotors which can make the game more exciting for participants and the audience.

The increase in the level of difficulty handling the drone at a higher altitude by the players enhances the complexity of the sport which will give an audience an adrenaline rush. Drone racing is going to be the most exciting games of the future as it involves both mental co-ordination of the player and high-end skills in drone making.

Is Drone racing the sport of the future? To an extent, yes. Although this kind of racing is exciting and entertaining, it is also quite expensive too, as it involves making of drones with the right material and motor to meet high-speed requirements of the sport and to avoid crashing during the race. Drone racing tournament requires massive investment, both from organizers and participants, unlike other sports which can be seen as the only reason for the delay in the sport flourishing.

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