Are Drones Dangerous or Just Harmless Fun?

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All over the world, reports of the dangers posed by drones have circulated in the media. The public, security enforcers and aircraft crews that are calling for the regulation of use of small unmanned crafts in the airspace. There is a thin line in distinguishing which crafts have been registered for commercial purposes and those used by hobbyist in many countries. However, we cannot fully forget the positive contributions made by these crafts, like saving human lives, quick delivery of products to customers and covering of live events as they happen among other contributions. This therefore begs the question; Are drones dangerous?

Drones Are Not Dangerous

The aviation authorities in economies like the US and UK are pushing for the regulation of these crafts. They are said to pose risk to property and human lives by intruding the countries’ national air space. We cannot entirely dispute these claims, but some of these threats mentioned have no real evidence and here is why.

First, the aviation authorities claim that drones pose significant risk to citizens, if the crafts fall from the sky. This is merely hypothetical as each passing day, humans have encountered unspecified flying objects falling from the skies as they are subject to the forces of gravity. Anything that is is on air, is bound to come to the ground eventually.

Second, as much as airport crews claim that drones could collide with manned aircrafts, there has not been any collision reported to date. Collision happen each day where birds fly into airplane engines causing engine failure, resulting to aircraft accidents. However, even bird related accidents are very rare. Between 1990 and 2014, only 12 bird strikes that caused human fatalities have been reported in the US. In addition, birds fly in fleets, and it’s rare to find a bird fly into a building, let alone a manned aircraft.

Finally, there is the public outcry that drones are intruding their privacy. Unless the craft owner is malicious enough to fly it over your homestead and take pictures, most hobbyists find pleasure in defying the forces of gravity, by flying the crafts in high altitudes. Our smartphones and other portable gadgets, like digital cams, if used for malicious purposes, are enough to violet one’s privacy. This logic has to be applied to the use of drones by the public.

Addressing the Dangers of Drones

But this does not entirely rule out that drones pose some danger to humans and property in the long run. Most countries are coming up with ways to regulate the use of these crafts. The US government is in the forefront in the protecting its airspace by lobbying for the application of geo fencing software in these crafts. This is where the drones, especially those used for recreational purposes are equipped with GPS to help them keep off restricted airspaces, like military barracks and airports. Additionally, drone pilots have to be registered with the aviation authorities and given operating licenses depending in their experience in the industry. Craft manufacturer are moving fast to develop autonomous unmanned crafts that can communicate with other flying objects such as jets to avoid collisions in the skies.

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