Should Drones Deliver Packages?

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It’s a great idea to make drones deliver packages. You do not have to worry about the delivery guy when you order online, and you could have the drone delivering right to your doorstep. However, there still remains many practical and logistical difficulties when trying to make drones deliver packages.

How Popular Is This Going to Be?

Big giants like Amazon are already supporting the idea of and providing evidence of the success of drones making delivery of packages. The debate, however, still on with people still skeptical about the whole process.

However, it does seem a lot likely that drones will replace many of the delivery guys in the near future. And recent studies and experiments point to the phenomenon – just like that of the driverless cars that will rule the roads soon.

How is it possible?

The first successful drone delivery was made in one of the States in US, and the development has made things more interesting. In March last year, a drone successfully delivered a package in one of the homes in Nevada.

It was the first autonomous delivery that has been made. For the delivery, a GPS system was established to create the route and there were supporting staff who observed the whole view. There did not arise any need for anyone to interfere and the drone went on to make a successful delivery.

Is it safe?

There is still a question regarding the use of unmanned flying objects. There have been no decisions made and the Government has not allowed the use of independent flying objects for delivery.

For drones to deliver packages, there has to be a lot of policy changes to bring something like this into action. The Federal Aviation Authority is working on the regulation that will govern the flying objects independently. There is also a strict regulation which states that if there will be drones covering the sky, they better be using different frequencies. It should be kept in mind that the technology should not compromise on safety. The drones need to use different frequencies so that they are not hijacked or misused.

What could be the problems?

Makers and technical heads who are keen on making it work have to think on a lot of things. The unmanned Drone as the delivery machine works solely on GPS.

So, what does the drone do when the routes are not updated? There is also a possibility that the connection is lost or the GPS systems unable to mark its way. In such cases, it will become a little difficult to find the locations and make a successful delivery to desired address.

A highly developed algorithm and systems would have to be introduced to make sure no major mishaps happen. With the use of camera this becomes a convenient job but then this does not make it an independent machine. The drones also are not capable yet of flying long distances, another major hurdle that researchers are working on now.

Despite the hiccups, the possibility of flying objects making delivery cannot be shooed away. It is likely that they will soon see the light of the day.

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