Are Elliptical Machines Safe?

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Elliptical machines, just like treadmill are machines used in indoor workouts. It helps in going about cardio and leg workouts, but the advantage to using this machine it is less strenuous on the body’s joints, muscles and tissues. If assembled properly, this machine offers a wide range of benefits when used in daily workouts. But are elliptical machines safe for use in your day to day workouts?

  • The elliptical trainer is the most preferred machine that helps in stimulating the natural walking motion in trainers. It is made in a way to have each foot on a platform. Trainers have to move their feet in an oval shaped motion when working out. This way, your body will be stimulated hence adopting walking motion by itself.
  • The oval shaped movement allows your body to balance, resting less weight on the entire machine. This way, trainers proceed to increasing the intensity of their workouts without necessarily increasing stress on their body; hips, joints and muscles.
  • Almost all elliptical machines come with long handle bars meant to rest the trainer’s hands. The handle is meant to move in conjunction with the user’s upper and lower body. Additionally, the machine allows you to pedal in reverse where trainers burn calories by working their hands, shoulders and the chest.
  • This machine exerts less pressure on your legs and joints compared to using other workout machines like treadmills. The machine is movable even under low impact making it a good alternative to jogging outdoors or using a treadmill indoors.
  • Trainers recuperating from joint injuries can bounce back from this injuries if this machine is incorporated in their daily workouts. However, one should get a clearance from their doctor in order to use this machine as it helps trainers to regain motion in the hips, sore joints and tissues hence working on their balance, mobility and general body endurance.
  • The machine is easy to use, making it the most preferred equipment by most trainers as an add-on to their daily workouts. This helps trainers reach their full workout potential in just little time.

Safety Tips

First, this machine should not cause pain on the trainer’s body if used properly. Trainers with problems on their knees, for example arthritis are advised to consult a physician before using this machine in order to avoid damaging their joints further. This will eliminate the chance of raising further health concerns in the long run.

Secondly, when going about your daily workouts, it’s advisable to maintain a good posture especially when using the elliptical equipment. Tighten your abdominal muscles and maintain your head high and not looking down to your feet. Let your weight be supported by the lower body.

Finally, using this training equipment for the first time may need one to first understand how it works. Request for demonstrations from your gym instructor on how to use the machine, learning how to use the controls and handle bars before trying it by yourself. However, if used safely, elliptical machines are safe and effective in promoting your bone and muscle health.

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