Are Fitness Trackers Safe?

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Fitness trackers are all the rage right now. Everyone has one or wants one to help them to get motivated to start a healthy lifestyle. Whenever another gadget comes out, people are always quick to wonder whether or not the item is safe. You may be wondering are fitness trackers safe since they have Bluetooth capabilities and battery. The simple answer to this question is that when used as intended, fitness trackers are deemed safe.

Cancer Claims Debunked

You may have heard that there are some claims out there that fitness trackers can cause cancer. It does seem that just about everything can cause cancer anymore, but experts are quick to reassure people that fitness trackers will not cause cancer from wearing them. While fitness trackers are relatively new, the technology that is similar to them is not, and researchers are continuing to examine how they impact our health and safety.

One article spoke about how fitness trackers may emit radiation in the same way that mobiles are believed to do possibly, but this has been stuck down as wearables are not as powerful as mobiles. In addition, the main worry when it comes to mobiles is the fact that they are held against the head and therefore your brain for long periods of time. The World Health Organization said that cell phones might possibly be carcinogenic in 2011, but researchers have pointed out that with the increase of use of mobile phones without an increase in brain cancers there may not be evidence of a link. So, when it comes to cancer, wearing a fitness tracker that emits far less radiation is the least of your worries for now.

Hidden Dangers

There can be a hidden danger that can come from wearing a fitness tracker that requires the caveat that they are safe to use as long as they are used as intended. Some people that have had an obsession in the past with counting calories or the amount of activity done in a day will tell you that this type of device would not be good for them to wear. Their focus on losing weight and being healthy was unhealthy to the point that some had eating disorders and/or an addiction to working out. This can translate to wearables that make it easier to track physical activity and calories.

For people that are just starting on this journey to health, this can be a hidden danger. You know yourself best, and while it can be very motivating to wear a fitness tracker to track your steps in a day to work towards a healthier you, it can pose a very real problem if you take it too far. This dark side of activity trackers is something that you’ll need to decide for yourself whether or not you have a personality that will use this as a tool to punish rather than improve.

Bottom Line

Currently, you have more risk to your health from using your mobile phone to talk than you do in wearing a fitness device. In fact, researchers encourage the use of fitness trackers because it means more people will be abandoning their sedentary lifestyles to become more active. Considering there are known health problems with being sedentary, you’re more at risk for health issues by not addressing this than wearing tech that will encourage you to get up and move. Keeping in mind that you can use this tool in the proper fashion.

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