GreenWorks 20312 DigiPro G-MAX Chainsaw Review

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GreenWorks 40 V chainsaw uses lithium-ion technology that is revolutionizing the modern world. This chainsaw gives you the best alternative to petrol or electric chainsaws, offering more torque and less vibration. It is also best suited for light and medium duty cutting projects around the yard, thanks to the 40V G-Max lithium ion battery pack. In addition, it also comes with a 16 inches high quality guide bar and chain, metal bucking spikes that offer stability when cutting through wood and a useful auto chain tensioner, ensuring that the chain’s tension is perfect at all times.

Features and Specifications

71OBCJFP3aL._SL1500_1. Brushless Motor

The motor, which is powered by a 40 V lithium ion battery is more efficient compared to those found in electric chainsaws. Brushless motors produce less vibration and noise making the chainsaw usable at any time; day or night. Additionally, it has zero emissions, hence complying with the strict environmental regulations.

The brushless motor comes with a 10 year warranty, showing that its manufacturer, Green Works, produces superior motors compared to other brands.

2. 40 V Lithium Ion Battery

When fully charged, the battery can offer up to 100 cuts in a single charge. This makes the chainsaw perfect for both light and medium cutting tasks such as pruning and clearing of shrubs around your yard. The G-Max 2 Ah battery can be charged in under one hour. A unique thing about the GreenWorks 40 V battery is that it is compatible with lots of GreenWorks tools, making it cheaper and convenient for sawyers with other tools from this manufacturer.

3. Tool-Less Chain Tensioner

This chain adjuster does not require one to use any tools in adjusting the chain’s tension. One needs to stop the motor and remove the battery in order to turn the chain adjusting bolt clockwise hence tightening the chain.

4. 16 inches Guide Bar and Chain

The steel bar holds the chain in position in order to deliver a powerful cut on logs of up to 30 inches in diameter. However, for branches exceeding this measurement, the chainsaw’s battery is most likely going drain quickly in the first place.

5. Cushioned Handles

Both the front and rear handles are cushioned with rubber and sponge, to absorb over 70% of vibration that comes with operating the tool. This gives sawyers some degree of control over the machine not mentioning the comfort that comes with having a grip over the machine. There is also a hand guard to protecting the sawyer from injuries. The perfectly designed handles reduce the exhaustion that comes with vibration when the machine is in operation.

6. Chain Brake

This safety feature helps in automatically stopping the chain when it comes into contact with external tools when the chainsaw is on. This increases user safety while also reducing incidences of kickbacks and snapping of the chain from the guide bar.

7. Carrying Bag and Scabbard

GreenWorks chainsaw comes with a carrying bag for easy portability and storage. In addition, scabbard protects the chainsaw’s vital parts; the chain and guide bar, which can be easily damaged easily when they come into contact with other metallic objects or a concrete floor.

91XN+vOgy9L._SL1500_8. Auto Oiler

The automatic lubricator helps in oiling the chain automatically without the need of the sawyer’s input. There is also a translucent window on the oil tank to monitor the oil level in the long run.

9. Impressive Warranties

The manufacturer offers a ten years warranty on the DigiPro motor, four years for the tool and two years for the battery. This shows that GreenWorks is serious about the quality of tools it produces for its consumers not mentioning the affordable and reasonable price it has put for this chainsaw.

The Good

  • Delivers an excellent torque.
  • Does not heat easily as it has less moving parts.
  • Long lasting battery as it runs on full power till its empty.
  • Impressive warranty on its important components; motor, battery and tool.
  • Less noise, vibration and zero emissions.
  • Battery works with other GreenWorks tools.

The Bad

  • Cannot handle heavy cutting projects as the battery is most likely going to drain quickly.
  • Takes much time to recharge.

The Verdict

A GreenWorks G-Max chainsaw is the perfect tool when you need a tool offering both power and performance. In addition, you will enjoy a longer run time while also getting your cutting projects completed in no time.

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GreenWorks 20312 DigiPro G-MAX Chainsaw


Build Quality




Value for Money



  • Great torque
  • Long lasting battery that works on other GreenWorks tools
  • Does not heat easily
  • Less noise, vibration, and zero emissions
  • Generous product warranties


  • Not suitable for heavy cutting jobs
  • Requires longer battery recharging

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