What Home Gym Equipment Is Best For Losing Weight?

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Home gym equipment has become considerably more affordable and available in recent years, with many machines that once may have taken up an entire room by themselves now designed for compactness and utility too. Indeed it’s very possible with sensible planning and purchasing to equip a home gym complete with a few different machines into a relatively small space, and without breaking to the bank too. In this article we’ll take a look at the five best styles of calorie burning machines suitable for domestic use, and with the intention of helping people who are looking to lose some weight.

Top 5 Home Gym Equipment for Weight Loss

1. Exercise Bikes

Road biking has never been more popular as a pastime, yet for many people cycling is neither practical or time efficient. Exercise bikes have long been a firm favorite as a means of home exercise, as when used properly they are a highly effective means of delivering a calorie burning workout while also being very space efficient too. It’s important to find an exercise bike that has multiple resistance settings as these allow for the workout to be managed while also providing a more realistic experience. Available in both upright (realistic) and recumbent (sitting down) styles, it’s also a good idea to find a model that also monitors distance traveled, speed and even calories burned – all of which are great for morale and help measure progress over a period of time.

2. Treadmills

A solid gym favorite and also very suitable for home use too, treadmills are much like exercise bikes in that finding a suitable model that feels comfortable to use is especially important. Likewise the price of the unit can vary enormously, but even basic models are likely to offer all the functions needed such as variable speed, resistance and progress tracking. Running is the most popular means of exercise going, and for good reason as not only does it burn plenty of calories but is great for overall fitness and endurance too. Try to find models that fold in half for easy storage should space be an issue.

3. Elliptical Machines

Elliptical machines have become very popular in recent years as an alternative to the traditional treadmill, as many people believe that they allow for a more efficient and comfortable overall body workout. Despite being somewhat more complex than most treadmills they can also be surprisingly cost effective, with the pedal based system encouraging the body to use more muscle groups providing for an overall more balanced workout. It’s important to factor space into any purchasing decision as often these machines take up quite a large space, and as with treadmills and bikes look for a model with as many settings as possible.

4. Stair Stepping Machines

Step based exercises can burn a surprisingly large amount of calories and provide a great means of carrying out effective workouts within a limited space. Often these machines are very cost friendly and space efficient, but try to find a unit that is satisfactorily sturdy and will not move while in use – ideally also with guide rails that protect against the user losing their balance. Step machines are great for people who are just starting out on their home exercise plan and need to build up their endurance slowly before using a more demanding machine such as one of the other options listed here.

5. Home Rowing Machines

Arguably the most effective means of burning large amounts of calories within the shortest time possible, home rowing machines allow for an intense workout that uses every muscle group. This not only tears through calories, but also means that the evident results will be balanced across the body, considerably improving overall physique and fitness. The only downside with rowing machines is that good models tend to be moderately expensive and they can also take up a fair amount of space. Variable resistance is especially important and given the demands of this style of exercise consider also methods to provide plenty of ventilation (fans work great).


Any combination of the above will provide a great place to get started burning calories and excess fat while at home. It’s sensible to also include some form of alternative weights based resistance training (dumbbells etc) to encourage the development of lean muscle, but for many people setting up an entire bench based weights system may take up too much space, be too expensive, and can also be dangerous when carrying out heavy solo lifting. For this reason cardio based home gym equipment is best for losing weight, while heavy weights and other specialist workouts are best carried out in a more suitable environment.

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