What Does a Home Gym Need?

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When you have space, and you want to get fit, then you can start a home gym. Everyone is busy and time is of great essence. With a home gym, you do not need to drive away or share sweaty changing rooms. You simply get home and get busy. It is advisable that you get a professional to help you set it up.

So now that you have made a decision to turn your garage or spare room into a gym, what exactly will you need to complete the setting?

Home Gym Requirements

1. Dumbbells

There are plenty of workouts that you can do with dumbbells. Experts advice that you get hexagonal shaped balls that are coated with dark rubber to ensure that you make the most of these versatile weights. Buying versions that are adjustable will save you a lot of money.

2. Pull Up Bar

The pull-up bar is another item that you should have in your home gym. This bar makes use of your body weight. Hanging in the air puts your core to work, and your body is stabilized. The bar is not only for pull ups, but you can also try some gymnastic moves with it too.

3. Kettlebells

For most people, word on the street is that kettlebells are not necessary. Yes, the design may not be so appealing, but there is a reason for that. The odd shape shifts the bell’s center of gravity so as to make your workout more challenging. Look for a couple that is not coated with paint and have large smooth handles.

4. Jump Rope

This may sound funny, but this is one of the greatest essentials in every gym. Jumping rope is the greatest cardio exercise, and it is not easy to do especially for beginners. Beginners should get something durable while those who are used to skipping should go for something lightweight.

5. Weight Plates

You need to get plates for your bar. Therefore, buy a variety of 5 and ten plates, it should be good for the person with average strength, but if you are stronger, then you can even go beyond 45. The rubber bumper plates are for Olympic trainers. An Olympic bar that weighs forty-five pounds is quite appropriate since it is more stable and does not bend. Rubber bumper plates are not just good for you but also your floor.

6. Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring might sound expensive, but it is a safety measure among other things. First, rubber flooring protects your floors no matter the floor type. There will be no scratches or tear and wear on the floor due to the immense pressure it handles. Rubber also offers slip resistance and even if you fall, you will not have severe injuries since rubber can absorb heavy impacts.

7. Cardio Machine

A cardio machine is perfect for increasing your fitness levels. The aim is to improve your lung capacity and strengthen your heart. Buy something that increases resistance the harder you work on it.

8. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are good for any workout that requires mobility. They are also useful for moves that use your body weight like pushups and pull-ups because they can make it harder or easier.

9. Medicine Ball

It is an excellent tool for jump training and core movements. This ball gives you lots of options. You can do an overhead slam, rotational toss and even a kneeling chest pass. All you need is a soft medicine ball so that it does not hit you hard where catching or throwing is involved.

10. Plyo Box

Plyo boxes are perfect for jump training plus they are handy for exercises that require quick moves. These boxes make your legs strong, are perfect for warm-ups and help you burn fat and calories. You can decide to buy one or just build one for yourself thanks to plenty of DIY materials online.

So you see, starting a gym at home is not an impossible thing. All you need is basic equipment and some spare room. The rest can be worked on as time goes by. All this means that you do not have any excuse to postpone your fitness schedule. The power is in your hands and very specifically in your house.

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