How Does iFit Work?

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen the latest must-have in fitness gadgets. It’s the iPhone of exercise tracking. The Roomba of health maintenance. It’s iFit.

iFit tracks your exercise and sleep. It calculates net calories by subtracting the calories burned during exercise from your caloric intake that you logged into the device. iFit automatically syncs to your online account, where you can share your data with your friends and family. You can even send and receive messages directly from your tracking device. So how does it work? And no, there is no nano-human living in there (but that was my first guess as well).

How Does iFit Calculate Calories Burned?

iFit is basically a glorified pedometer. The exercise data iFit generates is based on counting how many steps you have taken and using GPS to determine overall distance. Calories burned is calculated using mathematics. iFit uses bluetooth connectivity to sync your stats to your phone, where you can then upload your data to your iFit online account.

Mystery solved!

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