How to Slow Down Metabolism

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Tired of being scrawny and underweight? Slow down your metabolism by changing your eating and exercise patterns. No drugs needed! Here’s how to do it in a healthy way:

Eat More Calories

You need to eat an additional 500 calories per day to gain one pound in a week. Consume larger portions every time you eat and add calorie-dense foods to your diet like dried fruit, nuts, meats, full-fat dairy products, granola and trail mix.

Add Some Fat to Your Meals

Eating jam on your toast? Spread a pat of butter before topping it with jam. Add mayo to your sandwiches, cream to your coffee and peanut butter to your crackers. You get the point. Augment your meals with these fatty extras, and you’ll be sure to put on some weight.

Lower Intensity and Length of Exercise

Instead of running for 45 minutes, try walking for 30 minutes. Vigorous exercise burns through calories quickly, and that’s the opposite of what you want.

Resistance Weight Training

Strength training will help you gain muscle instead of losing weight. Thirty minutes of weight training three times a week is recommended to keep your muscles from turning into fat.

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