Husqvarna 435 16-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw Review

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If you are looking for a cordless chainsaw that you could take with you no matter where you’re going, this is one of the options that you definitely need to consider.

The Husqvarna 435 is an outdoor chainsaw that is ideal for your patio, garden and lawn maintenance. It is a sixteen inch, 40.9 cc, two stroke gas powered chain saw. It is sturdy and easy to operate, lightweight and also has an economic trigger and an asymmetric handler that make it easy to grip and use, even for longer durations. It is the perfect saw for you if you are just a beginner.

Specifications and Features

Husqvarna 435 - 2You would love the chainsaw for different reasons, but here are some of the great things that can make you want it more.

1. Dimensions

The dimensions of the Husqvarna 435 are 21.5 x 14.25 x 11 inches, pretty much like the other standard chainsaws out there.

2. Weight

This chainsaw is lightweight, and packs about 9.2 pounds. If you are getting it shipped, it will weigh 16.65 pounds. The lesser weight means that you can carry it around with you easily, no matter which purpose you’re going to use it in.

3. Length

It has a sixteen inch bar length, which is pretty much something that you can manage easily.

4. Air cleaning system

The chainsaw has a built in centrifugal air cleaning system that helps keep your chain saw in working condition. If any debris make their way to the air filter, it often creates problems for the chain saw. But the centrifugal air cleaning system in the Husqvarna 435 keeps away the larger particles of dust and other assorted debris from the air filter, thus contributing to both its efficiency and long term life.

5. X-Torq Engine

This chainsaw has an X-Torq engine – this benefits both you and the environment. The engine uses fuel efficiently, so there is less fuel consumption, leading to saving money on fuel. Additionally, it is also fully compliant with environmental regulations.

The Good

  • Easy to start

There is a combined start and stop switch, which is very convenient as you can intuitively turn it on and off without looking for the right switch. It also has the Smart Start feature. The fuel pump is smooth and quick.

  • Environmentally friendly

The X-Torq engine reduces exhaust emission levels, thus complying with some of the strictest environmental regulations.

  • Extended warranty

The standard warranty that comes with the chain saw is two years. However, you have an option of increasing this warranty period. All you have to do is buy 3-32 ounce cans of Husqvarna pre-mix fuel along with this Husqvarna chainsaw and register the product online. Your warranty will now be extended to four years.

  • Husqvarna 435 - 3Cleaner air filter

The centrifugal air cleaning system helps keep debris and dust away from the air filter, thus making sure that the chain saw doesn’t randomly stop working because of blockage in the air filter.

  • Perfect beginner saw

It is the perfect saw for someone who is new to chainsaws. The easy to operate saw and the light weight attribute make it usable by anyone.

  • User manual

The user manual does not make the mistake of being too technical. It includes pictures and is very easy to follow. It is virtually idiot proof, and you can get cracking straightaway.

The Bad

  • This model does not have a compression release.
  • It does not comply with CARB, and is therefore not available in the state of California.
  • The oiler is not adjustable, so you may have a bit of trouble there.

The Verdict

Overall, the Husqverna 435 is a chainsaw is great if all you want to do is cut trees and/or maintain your yard or garden. It is especially great for a beginner because it does not vibrate too much like most chainsaws do and is also lightweight. The easy to use manual and the simple start and stop options make it extremely convenient.

Additionally, since the chainsaw is gas powered, you do not have to worry about purchasing oil. Gas powered chainsaws offer distinct advantages over its oil and electrical counterparts, including in performance. This machine is a definite value for money purchase, and in fact costs lesser than some of its competitors.

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Husqvarna 435 16-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw


Build Quality




Value for Money



  • Convenient Smart Start feature
  • Lightweight, easy-to-operate, and environment-friendly
  • Two-year warranty
  • Centrifugal air cleaning system


  • No compression release
  • Does not comply with CARB
  • Oiler is not adjustable

3 Responses

  1. I have had nothing but bad luck with this saw.
    after two trips to the authorized shop the owner finally though me how too start it and adjusted the carburetor I have been able to start it but after it gets hot and you shut it off to refuel and it will not start due to vapor locking, after three plus hours it will start and run but do not turn it off or you will have another three hour wait, I found out in order to get some work done just leave it running while you refuel add chain oil and file the chain, which is not safe but you can get some work done. I have read where others have had the same problem, hope there is a fix for this problem. at this point I cannot recommend this saw to anyone else.

  2. Worst saw ever made. Plastic and extremely difficult to start cold or hot. No decompression mode and pull cord is very very hard to pull. Buy something else.

    1. I have one, given to me by a guy that was tired of trying to get it started, I literally dumped out the old gas, put in fresh 40:1 mix, choked it, pulled the rope 3 times and it started, revved it and adjusted the carb a little and have had nothing but GOOD luck with this saw, first one I grab when limbing a downed tree. Best limb saw ever !!

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