Husqvarna 450 Rancher Gas Powered Chainsaw Review

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For those who own land, especially land where there are a lot of trees, a chainsaw is practically a necessity. With that being said, it isn’t always necessary for someone to purchase a high-priced chainsaw that is designed for professional use. More often than not, the perfect fit involves a solid design that is capable of performing well time and again. A chainsaw like the Husqvarna 450 18- inch 2- cycle gas powered machine is a terrific option. It is designed specifically for occasional use. However, don’t get the idea that just because it is not designed for professional use, it isn’t capable of taking a lot of punishment and still operating at a top level. In fact, it is capable of doing far more than most chainsaws are and it does most of it with exceptional ease.

Specifications and Features

When a person buys a new chainsaw, they want something that is going to be reliable and easy to use. As such, it helps to have some specific features that make it more user-friendly and this particular machine seems to have virtually all of them. Like most Husqvarna machines, it is CARB compliant so it uses less fuel and produces fewer emissions than older chainsaws. However, its features certainly don’t stop there. It also has a cylinder cover that snaps and locks in order to protect the most valuable parts of the machine as well as a chain break that is inertia activated. This makes the chainsaw safer to use and reduces the risk of accidents.

Like many tools from Husqvarna, it has a centrifugal cleaning system. This essentially means that you will be spending less time taking the machine apart so you can clean the air filter. This particular model also features a Smart Start design, something that exists for the sole purpose of making it easier to start and utilize. It is important to remember that this is a 3.2 horsepower chainsaw with an 18- inch bar, yet it weighs less than 11 pounds. It also comes with a two year warranty with an option for an additional two year extension.

The Good

Husqvarna 450 -2This particular chainsaw works great for anyone who only cuts occasionally. In other words, it is a good choice for most people who own land and need a reliable chainsaw, yet don’t use it every single day. As previously mentioned, it is both easy to start and easy to use. It cuts quickly and efficiently and the machine itself is exceptionally reliable. Perhaps most importantly, it is built to last so you won’t have to worry about purchasing another chainsaw for quite some time, even if you use it on a fairly regular basis.

The Bad

There are times when as soon as the machine is purchased, it either refuses to start right out of the box or it works only for a short amount of time and then refuses to start thereafter. Whenever this happens, the chainsaw may need to be professionally adjusted at a Husqvarna service center. The best bet is to have this done when the machine is taken out of the box, before it is ever used. It is worth noting that this problem doesn’t occur all the time. Roughly one percent of the time, this is an issue.

The Verdict

When all things are considered, this is a chainsaw that is capable of getting the job done. That is what really matters. It is always a good idea to ensure that an authorized service center is relatively close because regardless of the high quality of the machine, there will eventually come a time when it will be necessary to have it serviced for one reason or another. Generally speaking, this machine is capable of taking quite a bit of punishment and still operating correctly. For those reasons, not to mention all of the impressive features that it has, it is a good choice for any individual that has several acres of land or even just a large lot and wants to make sure that it looks its best all the time. Therefore, it is definitely one of the most solid purchases that anybody can make when looking for a chainsaw. It is also a particularly good fit for individuals that have not owned one in the past and are only now considering the possibility of purchasing one. Its overall ease of use makes it an excellent choice for first-time users and experienced users alike.

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Husqvarna 450 Rancher Gas Powered Chainsaw


Build Quality




Value for Money



  • Easy to start and use
  • Fairly reliable and durable


  • For occasional use only
  • Can be temperamental
  • May require adjustments by a professional before the initial use for smooth operation

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