Husqvarna 460 Rancher Chainsaw Review

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Husqvarna 460 chainsaw is among the top range chainsaws in the world, giving sawyers an easy time when going about their cutting jobs. It is an excellent chainsaw for cutting thick logs thanks to its strong and long guide bar. Its high torque engine, X-Torq, giving the chainsaw a good rpm range. The chainsaw’s body is ergonomically designed making it a professional grade chainsaw, allowing any sawyer to handle it with much ease. The Husqvarna 46 chainsaw has an anti-vibration function to prevent users from getting the hand arm vibration syndrome.

Specifications and Features

1. X Torq Engine

This high quality engine offers a high rpm range vital in the efficient and effective pruning of branches. In addition, the engine delivers a rather low fuel consumption while also emitting less carbon to the environment. This makes the tool compliant with the tough environmental rules in most countries.

2. Air Injection System

The 460 Rancher has a centrifugal air cleaning mechanism, vital in the removal of debris and huge particles which can destroy the high torque engine. It also works as an efficient air filter hence improving the engine’s life in the long run.

3. Chain Brake

In order to reduce the risk of a kick back when using the chainsaw, the 460 Rancher comes with an inertia activated chain brake that prevents movement of the cutting chain by applying a steel brake band around the drive clutch drum.

4. Stop Control

This switch is used in stopping the engine in order to prevent the ignition coil from firing. The stop control is clearly marked with the stop sign hence eliminating any chance of a sudden stop on the chainsaw when a sawyer is cutting logs.

Husqvarna 460 Rancher Chainsaw Review 15. Oil Pump

The adjustable oil pump gives the user a chance to control the flow of oil in the chainsaw’s engine. This is dependent on the weather conditions and application of this tool.

6. Chain Tensioner

This helps in adjusting the chain’s tension while also preventing the chain from hitting back at the user in case it gets derailed from the chainsaw bar.

7. Front Handle

The front handle provides users with better handling capabilities when the tool is in use. When not in use, it helps sawyers carry it around easily hence reducing exhaustion on the hand.

8. Rear Handle and Guard

With a widely spaced rear handle, the chainsaw provides users with just enough leverage for control the chainsaw in case of a kickback. In addition, the rear handle guard helps in preventing the user’s right arm from being struck by a derailed chain

9.  Anti-vibration System

This excellent feature is vital in minimizing user fatigue hence saving the sawyer from contracting the white finger syndrome. The springs and rubber bushes help in reducing vibration when the tool is in use, while the Husqvarna G shaped electrical heated handles allow enough blood circulation to the fingers.

10. 20 inch Guide Bar

The low kickback bar supports the chain which is the main cutting equipment on the tool. This enables the 460 Rancher cut through thick logs with ease.

11. Distinct Felling Marks

The 460 Rancher has distinct felling marks offering users good felling precisions.

Husqvarna 460 Rancher Chainsaw Review 2The Good

  • Durability- This is enhanced by the centrifugal air cleaning system that removes dirt and debris from the X Torq engine.
  • Quick cleaning air filter- It is easily replaced after clearing large particles from the chainsaw’s engine.
  • Low maintenance- The adjustable oil pump saves owners from fuel and lubricant wastage on the engine and its parts.
  • Offers a perfect cut on thick wood and logs.
  • Low vibration.
  • Easy to start thanks to its auto on and off switch.
  • Excellent choke control to reduce incidences of engine flooding after numerous attempts to turn the chainsaw on.

The Bad

  • When changing the chain, one needs to disengage the chain brake. However, most 460 Rancher owners often neglect this.
  • It is a pretty loud machine when in use hence the need for users to put on ear protection to prevent loss of hearing.

Final Thoughts

The Husqvarna chainsaw is an excellent tool for tough cutting jobs and can be used in any weather condition. With its well-designed petrol powered engine, users can rely on it for felling a many shrubs, bringing down large trees and routine pruning exercises or cutting firewood.

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Husqvarna 460 Rancher Chainsaw


Build Quality




Value for Money



  • With centrifugal air cleaning system that makes it more durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Precision cut even on thick logs
  • Low vibration and great choke control


  • Needs to disengage the chain brake first before changing the chain
  • Loud machine

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