What Kind of Oil Should You Use for a Lawn Mower

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Before purchasing a lawn mower, it is very important that you understand is required of it and how it is to be maintained. One of the essential things you must know is the kind of lawn mower oil that is compatible with your engine. This is because not all lawn mower engines accept any kind of oil. Since this is what drives the engine, the wrong type will lead to a breakdown of the machine – this is something you definitely want to prevent.

Most times, the oil requirement for your engine will be found in the manual that comes along with the purchase since this will also depend on the manufacturer. High-quality detergent type, those with the “For Service SF, SG, SH, SJ” classifications or higher must be used; and yes, use of synthetic ones is totally okay and will not alter oil change intervals.


1. Fuel

Lawn mowers are used in different gap periods, and if you think that it will take longer until your next mow, it is important to remove the fuel as it is not good to stock it. Stocking gasoline for a month may lead to your engines being destroyed by carburetor clogging.

2. Lawn Mower Oil

Remember that engines need regular oil changes. This is to lubricate the parts of the engine while functioning and avoid unnecessary damages. This is why it is important to know what type is best compatible with your machine. Here are the different types for your lawn mower:

  1. SAE 30 is a detergent type used for warmer temperatures, it is best for 40 degrees Fahrenheit temperature and above. With its thickness, push lawn mowers use it to lubricate the engine parts without clogging.
  2. For varying temperature conditions of 0 degrees to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, it is best to use SAE 10W – 30. It may increase consumption but it will improve starting your engine during the cold weather
  3. For 20 degrees to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, Synthetic 5W – 30 is recommended to provide protection for any temperature with chances of lessening oil consumption
  4. For temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, SAE 5W – 30 is most recommended particularly for the winter season. Craftsman lawn mowers use this to protect the engine longer at any temperature

Things to remember when having an oil change

  • Mix with gasoline if the engine has no separate filter, this is known as the two-stroke oil. Although, it usually is stated in the instructions for better reference
  • Do not use non-detergent types as they are not compatible with modern engines
  • Pay attention to what the manufacturer suggests, they know what works best for your engine; also, the wrong kind may ruin it
  • Frequent cutting of wet grass, dusty conditions and on rough ground may require your lawn mowers to need a change
  • Remember to check your oil before every lawn session; when dark it means it should be replaced
  • Oil type decision is based on the expected air temperature range of gasoline engines

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