Do Lawnmowers Go on Sale in the Winter?

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Supply and demand is a key tenet of how our economy works. It’s a principle that applies to lots of products and services, but what about lawnmowers? In the spring time, most homeowners’ thoughts turn to their landscaping and the maintenance of their property. It’s time to clean up any lingering fall brush, it’s time to do some planting, and it’s time to mow the lawn! For many, it’s time to get a new lawnmower. Retailers know this, so there’s probably not much incentive for them to offer low prices. It would stand to reason, then, that savvy customers could get a better price on a mower in the winter, when no one’s thinking about their grass and everyone’s on the lookout for snowblowers. Right?

Well, maybe. Read on for a full explanation, along with some suggestions on when to buy a lawnmower at a low price.

Winter Means Low Stock

Hardware stores just don’t stock many lawnmowers in the winter months because most customers don’t think that far ahead! In December, people are looking for things like shovels, snow blowers, and giant sacks of snow melt, not lawn care equipment. Sure, you might find one or two lawnmowers in the clearance section that are left over from the previous season, and you can probably get one of those at a deep discount. But it’s certainly not the time of year to check out all the different lawnmower models; the stock is pretty well picked over by Thanksgiving, and new stock doesn’t come in until around March.

Start of the Season

According to Consumer Reports, you’ll have better luck finding a good price on the lawnmower you actually want in April and May. Many stores offer discounts to kick off the season, and their inventory is high, so you’ll have lots of models from which to choose. While you may not get the best possible price on a mower in the spring, you’ll get a good price on the mower you need when you need it.

End of the Season

If you’re looking for the best possible price on a lawnmower, the time to shop is at the end of the season, as this is when stores offer their deepest discounts. In most regions, any time after mid-summer is a good time to shop, usually August through September and even October. Stores are trying to clear out their inventory for fall and winter merchandise, so they slash prices on summer items like lawnmowers. The selection is often smaller than what you’d find in, say, June, but if you can find one that you like, you’ll save a bundle.

Not Winter, But Fall!

Do lawnmowers go on sale in the winter? Technically, yes — but the catch is, you may not be able to find one in your local store. And even online in the winter, lawnmowers tend to sell for their sticker prices, as retailers are focused on other aspects of their inventory. For the best price on a lawnmower, shop in late summer and early fall, when stores are trying to get rid of the ones they still have in stock. Or, for the next best option, shop the early spring sales.

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