How to Make a Lawn Mower Run Faster

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Would you like to turn your regular family mower into high speed machine?

Turning your regular lawn mower into a racing lawn mower does not necessarily mean that you should be carefree during operation; all that is required is a little boosting up of the process.

Keep in mind that lawn mower engines comes with safety features, as riding the engine too fast can wear it out more easily. Therefore, you should be careful not to ride it too fast. Before we proceed, it is vital that you understand that regular mowers are not built for speed, but for efficiency. This means that making your lawn mower into a high speed device would require a very technical process as certain aspects of the mower would have to be modified. For this reason, not all types of mowers should go through this modification as the operation would not only break down the machine but would also cause harm to the user.

Having gotten this out of the way, lets proceed to the necessary tips:

Adjustments for a faster mower

  1. Unscrew and remove the bolts around the perimeter of the hood, this will allow maximum airflow to your engine
  2. Minimal back pressure and speed reduction will be caused by unnecessary crack and holes in the muffler, make sure that there are none by inspecting it
  3. The engine governor is a flap next to the flywheel, have it removed as it reduces the engine speed when the flywheel moves too fast
  4. Using a proper sized wrench, unscrew the flywheel housing, then locate the governor on the side. Replace the flywheel housing then bolt it into place.

Other ways to increase lawn mower speed

  • See to it that your blades are sharp enough to easily cut off the grass, it will also make it easier for the lawn mower to move around and eliminates the need to pass more than once in a certain spot
  • Gas up. Make sure your mower’s gasoline tank is full. High-octane of 92 and clean gas is recommended as it helps the engine run smoothly and efficiently
  • Check the lawn mower’s tires, make sure it is well inflated
  • A well-serviced and maintained lawn mower is definitely in tip-top shape to give a better service
  • Don’t over cut, this may mean frequent cutting but less time in your mowing sessions when you do so. It will allow your grass to grow in a length that will be easier to maintain and mow
  • You can also make a style out of it by doing stripes, divide the land using lines and mow after other part

Having a mower that runs fast would be highly beneficial for you as it would enable you finish tasks on time.

Always keep in mind that lawn mowers are one of the essential house machines, having it well-maintained will not only save you money but also help your yard have a greener grass in the long run.

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