Are Mountain Bikes Good For The City?

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Mountain bikes are designed for optimum performance in the tough and rough terrains of the outdoors. But what should you do if you have a mountain bike that you ride on such surfaces, but would still want to use it to move around urban areas? Are mountain bikes good for the city? Read on to find out.

Mountain bikes are versatile and therefore, they can be used in and around the city if you want to. The following are some of the reasons that make this possible:

1. Comfort

As they are designed to pass through obstacles and rough terrain, mountain bikes are designed for great performance as well as comfort. The handle bar has one hand position, therefore you will not need to move your hand frequently along it. This gives you a good grip. For extra comfort you are able to change your position on the seat as you ride. You may sit, stand or move backwards or forwards on the seat as you ride. This gives you a chance to ride in a good position that gives you the chance to gain momentum.

2. Good brakes and suspension

The front bikes are powerful and enable braking within a short distance. This minimizes the chances of you hitting a pedestrian, a car or any object that may be on your way. Mountain bikes may have no suspension, a front only suspension (hard tail) or a front and rear (fork and shock) suspension. The suspension on this type of bikes will be able to help it withstand the effects after hitting potholes as you ride within the city. This gives you better control of the bike should you hit such rough surfaces.

3. Climbing steep hills

If you live in a city where you have to pass some sections that are slightly steep, the mountain bike will be up for this challenge. This is because the frame of its body has been designed to handle climbs, unlike road bikes that are best for level surfaces such as pavements.

On the flip side, mountain bikes are not designed for speed, unlike road bikes. They have a lower gear and this might limit the speed at which you will move around the city, especially if you are on a less busy street and would like to move fast. You will need to exert more energy into pedaling if you want to ride fast on the mountain bike. Also, the wheels of the mountain bike have a smaller diameter compared to that of the road bike. The mountain bike has wheels measuring 26 inches, whereas the road bike wheels measure 27 inches. This makes the mountain bike to be less efficient on pavements as compared to the road bikes. For this reason, you may consider changing the wheels of your mountain bike. The mountain bike is also heavier than road bikes and other types of bikes and this may make it hard for you to move it and it also makes it tougher when climbing.

So, the question was ‘Are mountain bikes good for the city?’ You may use the mountain bike to move about the city if you make the pros work for you.

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