Must Have Quadcopter Accessories

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Owning a quadcopter is quite a thrilling and an adventurous experience. After all, your quadcopter can give you great leverage when it comes to capturing stunning visuals from a higher angle, making you an enviable personality amongst your friends and family.

However, did you know that you can further enhance this experience by owning the right accessories that make it easier for you to operate your drone and also capture better pictures with it? So if you want to know some of the must have accessories for your drone, then read on…

1. Lighter propellers

It goes without saying that a lighter drone will be faster and more energy efficient. Almost all quadcopters allow the propellers to be replaced nowadays. We suggest you find lighter propellers for you drone because the more affordable and lower end models come equipped with basic propellers that are heavier and thus weigh it down. Although a bit expensive, such propellers are worth every money.

2. Stronger batteries

When you buy a drone, always look out for the mAh range that is mentioned on the product. If the mAh falls in the lower range, then the batteries will be inexpensive, but it will effect your flying time negatively. You can go a step further with standard batteries that might give you a longer flying time but still won’t give you the best experience. One of the best accessories that you can get for your drone is a compatible strong battery which will be a bit heavier but will give you longer flying time and an unmatched experience.

3. Landing gears

This is one of the most important accessories for your drone, but sadly, not every drone will give the option of replacing landing gears. Generally, you must look for a wider landing gear that enables you to make videos without getting in front of the screen. Another thing we’d suggest is getting landing gears that are higher as well as wider as that gives you a smooth landing, even in rocky areas, where your drone is likely to crash land.

4. Lighting

If you fly your precious drone at night, not only do you have high chances of losing track of your drone, but you will also not be able to record any video in the dark. That is why lighting is one of the first things that you need to look in to. If your drone comes without lights, find out of you have any options available for your model. With so many lighting options available in the market you can choose among the different spotlights and landing lights to ensure you can tackle this problem head on.

5. Camera quality

Many of the basic drones that are more affordable don’t come equipped with superior quality cameras. Now, while you cannot place a heavy camera on your drone since, chances are, that it might not be able to take off with the heavy weight of the camera, a good choice that you have is installing a Go Pro camera on it. It is affordable and gives you high definition picture quality.

6. Propeller guards

If your drone crashes, you might land up burning a big hole in your pocket. Since propellers are so important for the safety of your drone and yet prone to breaking easily, we recommend installing propeller guards that will protect your drone in the unfortunate event of it crashing.

7. Carrying case

It is but obvious that your drone must be well protected even when not in use and that is when having a proper carrying case can come in very handy. It also is a helpful accessory, enhancing the lifetime of your drone in case you are traveling. There are basic carrying cases for the cheaper models and more customized ones for the medium to higher price range drones.

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