What Can Quadcopters Be Used For

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Application of Quadcopters

Quadcopters are increasingly becoming popular since they are cool and fun to operate in order to make them fly. In addition, constant improvements are being made on a daily basis making them reliable machines for day to day use.

However, their use depends on their size hence serving different needs in the long run. Some of the interesting applications of a multirotor include;

1. Aviation Research

Multirotors are useful crafts in university settings since researchers use them to understand subjects like flight control theory and while performing complex flying techniques that contribute to improvement of day to day air navigation.

2. Military/ Law Enforcement

Quadcopters have been used by law enforcement agencies in surveillance of criminal activities hence busting out drug syndicates. Recently, Aeryon Labs, a Canadian lab created a quadcopter that helped in spying drug trafficking activities in Central America.

3. Search and Rescue Missions

Quadcopters are becoming popular as the go-to gadgets for search and rescue missions. When equipped with cameras, they give live pictures of the target area. In addition, they can be fitted with infra-red rays, to trace victims trapped under debris.

4. Deliver Online Shopping Orders

Amazon Prime Air intends to use quadcopters to deliver goods to the customer’s doorstep, confirms TechCrunch. However, Domicopter, Domino’s pizza delivery quadcopter, delivers pizza within a four mile radius in less than 10 minutes.

5. Transport People

Just as they can transport goods, they still can carry people around. E-volo, a German firm designed and tested a 16 propeller Volocopter that can fly with a pilot inside, for 20 minutes. However, improvements on battery technology, will see it carry more people and fly for long, in the future.

6. Mining

Quadcopters are being used in mining operation in different parts of the world. They have been deployed to handle jobs that are dangerous to humans. In addition, they have been used to inspect equipment, pitfall and entrances to the mining caves.

7. New and Sports

They are used to offer better views of field events unlike rail cameras since they follow athletes and film them. Quadcopters are also been sent to cover the latest news as they happen, for example, covering traffic jams as they are able to get closer to action and maneuver more quickly unlike humans.

8. Surveying and Construction

Quadcopters are used to provide details of the construction status from an aerial view, in the 3D modeling. It is also being used to monitor employees at a construction site, for example when making bridges, hence offer quality and efficient inspections.

9. Play Reality Games

Pilots have been known to play augmented reality games with these crafts in order to get a real perspective of the world. A good example of these games is Mission Helicopter, where a pilot is supposed to obstacles from their way and avoid blowing up their crafts.

The Future of Quadcopters

  • Solving problems relating to aerodynamics and gravity.
  • Capturing vital information relating to wildlife habitats hence promoting environmental conservation.
  • Delivery of medicine to patients in areas with adverse weather conditions.

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