Are Trampoline Workouts Effective?

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It is about time you get ready to jump, as a single jump on your trampoline can make you lose 160 calories in just half an hour of active jumping. Let us not forget a trampoline is also low-impact. Therefore, this does not affect your joints in any way as you try to burn the calories away.

If you are still wondering, are trampoline workouts effective? Then the following benefits will give you a clearer picture.

The Benefits It Offers

There are several benefits a trampoline can offer your workout regime. It is a wonder not everybody is already bouncing away the calories. Additionally, it is a fun and great way for you to get fit, and has many other benefits you will enjoy. As surprising as it might sound for most, trampolining is still a form of exercise, which in fact is much better for you than running and various other types of exercise. Not forgetting the trampoline routine can be easily done in the comfort of your home.

A ten-minute bounce is the same as doing a half hour run; on this note let us look at the benefits the trampoline can offer you.

  • It can stimulate your metabolism
  • A simple jump increases your oxygen capacity
  • It improves the circulation of lymph through your lymph glands
  • A jump increases proper flow of oxygen to tissues in your body
  • It strengthens your heart and drastically improves your cardiovascular health

Jogging versus Trampolining

Many individuals do not enjoy running or jogging. Many times, we see people running on the streets having pained faces while under pressure to find the enthusiasm to navigate through traffic and road works. All this is just to get a little healthy by simply putting one foot in front of the other. Alternatively, it is still possible to enjoy the same benefits and even more by simply putting your feet together.

The main disadvantage of regular running or jogging is the physical stress caused on your feet and lower limbs. Let us illustrate this for you, an individual weighing 150 pounds, when jogging they can exert 600 pounds of downward pressure on the weight bearing joint, each time their foot hits the ground.

On the other hand, when you use the trampoline, it can take up 80 percent off the stress your weight bearing joints might face when exercising. As a result, the use of a trampoline is a fantastic option for the senior citizens, individuals who are recuperating from injuries, accidents, or persons who are physically challenged. It is also an excellent exercise alternative for those individuals who have been sedentary and are planning to start an exercise regime.

How Trampoline Exercise Can be Effective

If you are looking to enjoy the benefits trampolining can offer your body, then it is advisable if you fit some of these moves into your fitness regime, at least, two times in a week. To get best results, try to repeat the cycle of the three moves, at least, three times.

1. The Basic trampoline bounce

The basic bounce can seem very simple for most individuals; however, it can burn many calories. At the same time, the move tones your glutes, quads and the calf muscles.

  • For this move, you will begin by standing on your trampoline having your feet around 6 inches apart.
  • While in this position, bend your arms, while keeping your elbows at your side.
  • Slightly, bend your knees and bounce up and down, ensure your feet come about 6 inches off the trampoline.
  • To get best results, repeat this step 30 times.

2. The trampoline prances

Trampoline paces when effectively done can get your heart rate up. As a result, this gives you a great workout.

  • Start by standing on the trampoline having your feet 6 inches apart.
  • Have your hands on your hips and slight bend your knees. To ensure you are doing the move effectively, you will need to bounce on the balls of your feet. Try to alternate your left and right knee to your hip level; this mimics the knees-up-running in place exercise that you have done several times in a gym class.
  • Repeat the move at least 60 times that is 30 times on each leg and watch the calories get burnt away.

A trampoline can give you a great workout; not forgetting it is a fun way of losing the added calories. As a result, many trainers encourage individuals to try the trampolining exercise option, especially for those who get bored easily and divert from their exercise program.

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