WORX WG303.1 Chainsaw Review – Great Value for Your Money

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Go about your cutting tasks in your home using the high quality corded Worx electric chainsaw. The chainsaw is powered by electricity providing sawyers with just enough power to cut wood, prune some branches and fell some light weight trees. It is a comfortable chainsaw, easy to use due its ergonomic design and is quite lightweight, giving you assurance of not getting exhausted when using it on your cutting tasks. In addition, it has safety features around it, for example a chain brake just in case the chain stops preventing it from snapping when in use.

Features and Specifications

WORX WG303.1 Chainsaw Review1. Electric Engine

This Worx chainsaw works with the help of an electric engine that produces a horsepower of 3.5. In addition, the electric power needed to drive this electric engine is 14.5 Amps, making it an efficient tool as it uses less electricity, saving on cost of power in the long run. The engine is less noisy and has zero emissions to the environment. The engine is also light despite it being the largest component on the chainsaw.

2. Extension Cord

The 12-gauge extension cord is used to connect the chainsaw to the nearest power source. It is long cord, making movement with the chainsaw around the yard easy, especially if you are cutting wood placed at separate places.

3. Automatic Tensioner

This is used in tightening or adjusting the chains tension before embarking on cutting tasks. It works automatically and you need not to worry about tightening the chain manually. It also comes in handy in extending the lifespan of the chain and bar by removing the possibility of over tightening.

4. Metal Bucking Spikes

In order to provide the required grip on wood, the metal spike on the chain come in handy in balancing the chainsaw when cutting wood. Remember that Worx chainsaw is only used in lightweight cutting tasks and the bucking spikes prevent it from lose balance now and then.


5. A 16 inch Chain bar

The long chain bar hold the chain in place when cutting and also when lubricating the chain in order to increase its lifespan. Since the chainsaw is a powerful tool when in use, producing a horsepower of up to 3.5, the bar helps in absorbing much of the unnecessary vibration that comes with the fast movement of the chain in the long run.

6. Auto Oiler

The built in oil reservoir acts as an automatic lubricator. Moreover, it has a level indicator showing the sawyer lubricant’s level and when a refill is so required.

7. Rubberized Front and Rear Handle

Both handles have rubber around them in order to provide comfort when handling the tool when cutting trees. Additionally, the handles also absorb the vibration that come with cutting activities, hence preventing the sawyer from contracting the white figure syndrome.

WORX WG303.1 Chainsaw18. Chain Brake

The chain brake comes in handy in stopping the chain when it comes into contact with external objects when in use. This prevents the chain from snapping from its bar leading to injuries on the sawyer’s hands.

The Good

  • Easy grip front and rear handle, providing maximum control of the chainsaw
  • Chain brake built to promote safety when chainsaw is in use
  • Free chain tensioner reducing sawyer’s struggle in adjusting the chain manually
  • Efficient as it saves on electricity cost
  • Lightweight tool
  • Easy to lubricate thanks to the auto oiler
  • Zero emissions
  • Cheap chainsaw, offering value for money

The Bad

  • Presence of oil leaks due to the poor oiler
  • Cannot be used in heavy cutting tasks

The Verdict

All in all, this chainsaw is cheap and gives sawyers value for their money, especially when it is used in lightweight cutting exercises. If used and maintained properly, it gives one the power to cut mid-sized tree trunks, while it is also easy to clean after using it. When it comes to safety, the Worx chainsaw has an excellent chain brake that stops the chain from rotating in seconds when an improper contact is made on it. In addition, the properly rubberized handles absorb shocks and vibrations coming from cutting wood. It is a good chainsaw and can be used in any weather condition and application, even on wet branches. To add on to safety, use a head gear, ear muffs and googles when going about cutting exercises, to prevent any external object from getting into your eyes or ears.

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WORX WG303.1 Chainsaw


Build Quality




Value for Money



  • Lightweight with easy grip
  • Safety features
  • Free chain tensioner and auto oiler
  • Zero emissions
  • Affordable


  • Oil leaks
  • Not suitable for heavy cutting tasks

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